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Hiring a Career and College Consultant to find the best fit is like hiring a realtor when buying a house.

About Me

My Experience

Michelle L. Mauren, M.S., L.S.C. 

Career and College Advisor

Michelle holds a M.S. in Secondary School Counseling from Minnesota State University, Mankato, a K-12 Principal license from University of Minnesota, and a Certificate in College Admission Counseling from UCLA. Michelle is certified to administer the Highlands Ability Battery Career Assessment. 

As an Adjunct Professor at Hamline University, Michelle teaches graduate students in the College Admission Process and recently retired as a College Counselor for District 112.  Michelle’s previous experience includes 29 years of academic, college and career counseling in private and public schools, in standardized testing, career assessment, four year educational planning, and high school transcript review. 

Michelle also has extensive experience as a private educational & college consultant in the Twin Cities, Wisconsin, California, 

New Mexico, Illinois, Michigan and Washington. She also authored "Charting Your Course" booklets, a Career and Academic Planning Guide. 

My Approach

Finding the Best School Fit for You  

An organized, personalized educational plan cannot be overemphasized. I assist families to make informed educational decisions whether entering high school, choosing the right college, deciding whether to transfer from one college to another, or embarking upon a graduate school or specialized career training program. 

As an experienced educational consultant with over 29 years of experience, I am committed to helping you identify the most successful and fulfilling educational options for your son or daughter. I will guide you step-by-step through this exciting yet sometimes overwhelming process. 

Why Me?

What are your Natural Abilities? 

Knowing your abilities is an important part of the College Admission Process. I use the Highlands Ability Battery Career Assessment to help my students discover their natural abilities. Studying the pattern of abilities that are areas of strength for an individual reveals important clues as to the kinds of learning environments, academic subjects, and potential careers that are well-suited to build on those aptitudes. 

Matching these innate strengths with the academic programs and campus resources of each college is key for successful college counseling.

Sample of Meeting Topics

Discover Who You Are

Know yourself - HABT Assessment
Student/ Parent Questionnaires
Four-Year Academic Plan
Transcript Review Strategies/Test Preparation

Review High School Coursework
Personal College Planning Calendar Educational Options 


Researching Colleges

Trends in College Admission
What Are Colleges Looking For Understanding Application Options
Deciding Which College is right for You
Comparing Colleges
Planning Effective College Visits
Understanding NCAA 

College Application Process

Application Strategy Meeting
Building a College List 

Me Sheets and Academic Resumes

What is your Story?
Building Your Essay
Application Checklist
Selecting a College 

College Admission Tests

ACT/SAT/PSAT, AP, IB and Subject Tests
College Testing Information
Transcript Review Strategies/Test Preparation
Should you hire a Testing Tutor 

Financing Your Education

Twenty Things you Need to Know
Paying for College
Understanding Financial Aid and Scholarships 

How to find Scholarships


Why work with an Independent College Counselor?

Today’s college admission process is complicated and competitive. When high school guidance counselors and college advisers have case loads of 500 or more students, and numerous other counseling responsibilities, your son or daughter may not get the personal attention that he or she deserves. Also, lack of training in college admissions leads to misinformation given to students.

Understanding the career development process  and discovering ones natural abilities is a key component that is often  overlooked.

Knowing how to navigate the admission process with confidence is difficult and can be  confusing. The process of finding the “right college fit” requires time, research, planning, and organization. An Independent College Counselor expert can provide students and their parents the guidance needed to successfully navigate the college selection and application process. The cost of college is steadily rising. Working with a certified Independent College counselor could save you a substantial amount of money. 

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